Colt firearm dating

That loading lever design element was included on future Colt percussion handguns (see the photo of the Walker below.) The Walker Colt design was a joint venture by Samuel Colt and former Texas Ranger Samuel H.

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In his Spring 2002. Texas Ranger Dispatch article, Stroud describes the pistol as having a cylinder roll engraved with a scene of the Texas Navy engaging the Mexican fleet. This scene commemorated the defeat of the Mexican Fleet by the.

Colt firearm dating

The gun became the standard weapon of the Union Calvary during the Civil War and, after the war, was used by gunfighters and lawmen alike, including the Texas Rangers. Reproductions of the gun have been popular with many cap-and-ball black.

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Colt firearm dating

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Colt firearm dating

However, wheel locks are expensive to produce. Matchlocks, at half the cost, remain in common use. This is an early (ca. 1540) multi-shot, wheel-lock pistol, made for Emperor Charles V. In this weapon, two locks are combined in one mechanism.

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